The first post

Well sort of. The first recipe post, kinda.

Crap photo of paella taken on the Hudl, must try to do better.

I recently tried making paella, the brother-in-law is popular for his in the extended family. Mind you, he’s popular for most things, we don’t call him Golden Gonads for nothing! Anyways, it was nice so I used some vouchers to get myself a paella pan (a larger one is now on the shopping list) and have a go. Chicken, chorizo and cockles (the small person’s choice) which turned out better than expected, except I’m not a huge fish fan.

So we had another go last week with just chicken and chorizo. It was edible and Adam seemed to like it so no doubt we’ll make it again, but not within a couple of days of the last time, which has left me with half a ring of chorizo and some pancetta. Today’s task was to find a recipe to bastardize as I’d already had the idea of doing something with chicken and tomatoes. I was thinking about rice but I have some gnocchi in the cupboard from my last Aldi trip, so that will probably end up being the accompliment.

I found a recipe on Waitrose, I’ll leave out the rosemary and use one pan (the chicken can get browned off when the onion and chorizo are still in there) and see how it turns out. The original recipe is here.

Amendments to recipe: I fried one onion in oil and butter, added a few cloves of garlic. Added chorizo and pancetta then a teaspoon each of flour and paprika before a good splash of wine and tinned tomatoes instead of fresh. After 15 minutes in the oven, stirred in parsley and served with oven chips.

I also have my quarterly(ish) free samples from Naked Wines to try and not sure which of the three to pair with this. I suspect it might be the Tuscan red but that’s a decision for several hours time.


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