Comfort Food

Yesterday I went out with work people for lunch and got drunk. Very drunk. 2am drunk.

Today, by 8pm, all I have eaten is a packet of Cheese and Onion Squares. Now I’m getting hungry and need comfort food. Originally we were going to have pizza but as the small person is at nursery for holiday care, we need something that can be potted up and reheated so I’ve turned to a dish I used to cook a lot but I can’t actually remember the last time we had it – chicken and mushroom stroganoff.

The only problem is that it normally ends up looking beige. White onion, white chicken, white mushrooms and off white crème fraiche don’t make the most appealing colour combo. A bit of parsley and of course the whole grain mustard help but only so far!


The original recipe can be found online and is one I actually stick to for a change, although I can never get my chicken golden unless I cook it separately to the onion. Life is too short to turn comfort food into extra washing up. To counteract the beige, I’ve thrown in some peas.


Normally we would serve with rice but in the comfort food fashion I am having chips with loads of salt on because that is what I am craving.

Despite last night’s debauchery, the recipe includes wine so I’ve opened another of the bottles Naked sent as free samples and will try a glad when we have dinner. Falanghina is one of less common wines I love having first tried it about 4 years ago and this one is made by one of my favourite winemakers so hopefully it will live upto expectations!



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