Seared steak salad

The Other Half treated himself to some steak whilst the small person and I were away. Luckily he bought quite a large piece of rump (oh-er missus!!) and saved some for us.

I spent quite a bit of time today deciding what kind of salad dressing to use and whether I should do something like a blue cheese sauce. In the end I decided it was bloody nice steak so I’d use the meat juices to form the basis of a dressing and I’d do glazed mushrooms instead of a sauce for the steak.

First of all I parboiled some new potatoes and then added some wholegrain mustard and butter to roast them off in the oven. Salad was very simple, a mixed leaf packet plus radish, cucumber, tomato and yellow pepper. I started the mushrooms off in butter in a frying pan and then added a healthy dollop of red wine and stirred occasionally until they were glossy and coated, finally adding a drop of tawny port (the Other Half doesn’t like this so I shall leave it out next time – if I hadn’t already picked the wine I would have glazed them with balsamic vinegar instead). Once everything was nearly ready, I used the frying pan I’d done the mushrooms in to cook the steak with some butter. Just over 3 minutes per side and 3 to rest.


Whilst resting, I added some olive oil to the pan and a dash of red wine vinegar to make a salad dressing / sauce. It’s on my cheese salad for lunch tomorrow so I’ll see if it still works!

For wine, I was tempted by something called Garagiste (been saving it for ages) but someone much better at wine matching than me suggested a Primitivo. One of the many good things about the Naked Wines website is the sense of community and access to lots of knowledgeable amateurs, the Primitivo worked really well and as another plus, I’ve persuaded the Other Half to buy more steak next week to go with sauce and chips (plus that Garagiste!!)


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