Chocolate Crunch Cake

This is based on a recipe my late Nan got from a Nestle advert. It is not healthy but you also don’t need to eat huge pieces!

115g butter
200g milk chocolate
200g dark chocolate
400g sweetened condensed milk
1 packet rich tea biscuits
Handful of raisins

First of all crush the biscuits, I like to keep some larger bits, certainly don’t turn them all into crumbs. Put to one side. Line a tin with foil or greaseproof paper.


Now add the butter, condensed milk and milk chocolate to a pan and put on a low heat until all melted.


Trust me, this messy looking glop soon turns into a smooth, velvety chocolate. Once it has, stir in the biscuits and raisins until well combined. Pour into your lined tin and push down slightly so the top is relatively level. Chill for at least two hours, I tend to leave overnight.


When you are ready to finish the cake, melt the dark chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water. Take the cake out the fridge and turn out onto a plate, removing the cake lining. Pour over the melted chocolate and smooth as much as possible. I use dark chocolate as I find this overwhelmingly sweet otherwise.


If you want to pretty this up, you can decorate with chopped nuts or drizzles of white chocolate. To me this is a sweet treat that should remain a little bit unfiddled with, it’s charm is in its simplicity and it is a great recipe to make with kids. You can also find a variation of the recipe here.



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