The lunch box dilemma

I am lucky my small person will eat most things but somehow I find that her lunch time pack up remains much the same. A wrap, some tomatoes, grapes, crisps, breadsticks, yogurt and some more fruit.


I need some lunch time ideas for things that can be quickly and easily made – we are not the best family for getting up early in the morning. I would love to be the Mum that is super organised, has everything ready, does all homework on time, reads every night and still has time to do her hair and make up impeccably. In reality, we just about get homework and reading done, but organisation is a bit trickier. Hair and make up are well done the list of my priorities at 8am when the small person is still not dressed, doesn’t know where she’s left her glasses and no she didn’t bring her rugby boots home last night and no she can’t remember where we put her reading book!

We have the option of hot cooked school lunches which we use around twice a week and may do more as the cold weather hits but I need ideas for something other than wraps or pasta salad! Help!



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