Everybody needs good neighbours

Day Nine of the Blogging101 course is to build on commenting on other blogs by writing a post inspired by a comment you have made recently and to link to other blogs in the post.

I don’t usually write opinion pieces so its a little out my comfort zone, however if I find a recipe or blog that inspires me I do often link to them when I try that recipe or post about a related subject. A case in point is my recent pasta carbonara which was inspired by Food, Booze and Reviews spaghetti carbonara and very tasty it was too.

So what did I comment on that previous day?

Another carbonara recipe by Fast Family Food

A gorgeous gnocchi recipe by Hanna

and two posts by Fat Fairy, a haggerty recipe and a weight loss piece.

The one that really struck a chord was the last one. Whilst I’m not trying to lose weight quickly and I still enjoy (too much) wine and good food, I am making changes to my diet over time and trying to exercise more. We rarely have chocolate at home any more for example. I am always trying to drink more water, lo and behold I’m not the only one

So the plan for this week –

  • Eat Breakfast
  • Swap some of the Pepsi Max for Water (adding water app to my phone !!)
  • Eat Lunch
  • List of foods that boost metabolism ( this may sound mad but I will try something just once 😀 )
  • Pictures of Foods
  • Recipes added to Blog

Note that second one. Now I don’t have a problem with drinking too many fizzy drinks, we rarely have them at home. I buy Pepsi about once a year as a hangover cure but I still don’t drink enough water. Lots of tea during the day and the odd glass of water but still not enough. I can always tell when I’m not drinking enough water as I start to feel sluggish or get a headache.

My comment was that infused water is a great way to make drinking water more attractive – the trouble is that its cold at the moment and the last thing I want is a glass of cold water. I hope the infused water recipes I found and posted in the comments helped.

For me, the next step is try drinking at least one cup of hot water with some lemon juice in it each day. It’ll up my water intake a little plus I think the lemon will give my immune system a boost. Small steps work for me, no major changes, just a small change. After all, to quote Laozi, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.




3 thoughts on “Everybody needs good neighbours

  1. Good article, I think we have a lot in common – I love my food but love my wine too and as I get older I’m trying to find a way to still enjoy both but remain healthy. I drink a lot of fruit/herbal teas during the day – they’re hot, kind of good for you and full of water. Just a thought.

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      1. I do like a proper brew too as a Yorkshireman but there lots of good black teas as well – Darjeeling, Earl Grey (w lemon). Hark at me being all la-di-da!!

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