Meal Planning 06/03/16

Man flu has hit our house this week so the Other Half has been feeling very sorry for himself although a hot toddy or two has helped with the blocked nose if not the temperature. It has already made the meal planning go off plan.

I had intended to cook a chicken dish yesterday but none of us were hungry. Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK, I am leaving the Other Half and Small Person at home to play with cars so a casserole was going to be cooked overnight that they can eat when they want and I could heat it up when I get home. Instead we didn’t cook yesterday and I had a snorting, snuffling, cold filled bog beast in my bed. This may be why I left him and the Small Person to their sleep and spent the night (and half the early hours of the morning!) dancing to Stevie Wonder in my kitchen whilst enjoying a lovely bottle of red wine.

Plans are further complicated by me working several evenings this week so the Bog Beast has been designated as cook one night and several others are either slow cooks we can heat up as necessary or quick meals to have before I go out. Original inspiration for the recipes are linked, my versions may be slightly different.

Sunday – Chicken with lemon and garlic cream sauce

Monday – Pork Chop Casserole with apples, possibly wholegrain mustard and cider

Tuesday – Chicken Enchilada Soup – this will have a lot less spice to accommodate the Small Person!

Wednesday – Potato Rosti with bacon and eggs

Thursday – Bolognese – this is the Bog Beast AKA the Other Half’s night to cook when he’ll do a double size portion so I can make…

Friday – Lasagne

Saturday – Sausage Ragu – another Co-Op Food recipe that no longer appears on their website. I haven’t tried it before though so we will see how this week’s plan pans out!!



7 thoughts on “Meal Planning 06/03/16

    1. I used to makes batches of soup when I worked in an office, we recently bought half a lamb so our freezer is fairly full, plus no matter how much I make it all seems to get eaten or used for lunches the next day! The Other Half appears much better today so looks like he is over the worst of it


  1. We have man flu in our house too! He doesn’t seem to have lost his appetite though. I left him in bed this morning while I went down to Southsea beach with my daughter and grandsons, and had brunch in a posh cafe. You are very organised with your meal planning!

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    1. Your morning sounds lovely! Thank you, it’s very rare we stick to the plan for the whole week but planning it keeps the cost down and we have a fair idea of what we have in the fridge to use up!.

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