1. Fried Eggs

Here is the first in an excellent series on eggs from Chrissy Camba, very much worth having a scroll through.


Fried Egg

In regards to my last post, Eggs, I wanted to go through the methods of cooking eggs. First off, OUT of shell: Fried Egg.


  • 1 large egg  (I like farm eggs. I like talking to the farmers, going to the farms and seeing where the chicken is hanging out.)
  • oil (It doesn’t matter what kind. I use olive oil.)
  • non-stick pan (The smaller the better. You’ll use less oil that way.)
  1. Place enough oil in the non-stick pan to have a thin layer of oil that covers the entirety of the bottom. Get the oil nearly smoking hot.
  2. Crack your egg into the center of the pan. There will be splattering of oil so be careful!
  3. Once the edges have become crispy and golden with the whites bubbly and poofy, salt your egg. I use a fish spatula to take the egg out of the oil.

I eat…

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