Meal planning 04/04/16

A day later than normal as I have only sat down to write a plan this morning. Last week did not go to plan as we only managed three dishes from the list but we also had more leftovers than we expected so lamb curry lasted two days. As this week is a little quieter I hope we will be a little better.

Monday – Mini Chicken Schnitzel with oven roasted chips
Tuesday – Nigel Slater’s Braised Pig Cheek

Wednesday – I’m out so the other Half will be catering for him and Small Person
Thursday – a Pinterest inspired Mojo Pork Tenderloin

Friday – a good friend of mine has threatened to forage some wild garlic which I have never cooked with, the intention currently is to make a chicken and wild garlic risotto
Saturday – Chilli, either made with beef like here or with Chorizo

As always, thoughts and comments welcome below!


6 thoughts on “Meal planning 04/04/16

  1. I hope your friend manages to get the wild garlic for you. I’ve never cooked with it before either but would love to have a go at something if I could! A chicken and wild garlic risotto sounds really tasty.

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    1. So do I! My friendly chef reckons it’ll work really well in a risotto so I thought that was a good starting point. Apparently it also matches well with lamb so once I’ve tried it, I may be more adventurous!


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