About me

This blog started as an experiment. I like food, I like cars and this was a form of online diary.

I never expected anyone to read my random thoughts, but you do. You’re reading this aren’t you!

Why cars and cooking? My earliest memories are making Melting Moments or Chocolate Crunch Cake with my late Nan. Weekends were spent at various car events, usually whilst my grandparents marshalled but sometimes one or both would compete. Since my daughter came along, I have explored food a lot more, attempting new things that our little family can try and hopefully savour. Now she is the one donning an apron and trying to lick the last of the cake mix from an empty bowl and quite often she can be found at car meetings with me.

Over time I’m developing my love of writing about food and cars. They are a strange mix of passions but it’s who I am. Join me on the journey.



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