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I’ve finally taken the plunge and moved to a self hosted website. Still pretty much a work in progress but any new posts can now be found at (or you can click here)

I’d love to see you subscribe over there. I am a complete novice bug if anyone has any questions I’d be happy to try and answer them using the comments box

I’m hoping that the plug ins for will give me a little more freedom, along with the ability to add one or two affiliate links, although definitely only where I think they fit. One example will be amazon links to the cookware I use in my kitchen.

See you on the other side!
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VSCC ‘Spring Start’ Silverstone Photo-Shoot

I was going to do a write up of Spring Start but see little of the racing when I’m working behind the scenes so I thought I’d share these photos from Retro Racers instead.

Retro Racers

DSC_0182 (1)The Vintage Sports Car Club ‘Spring Start’ traditionally opens the the historic motor racing season at Silverstone. There’s always has a great selection of racing cars from a bygone era. It was a bit cold for spring but at least it was dry! We hope you enjoy the pictures.

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