Meal Planning 27th March

What a busy few weeks, no meal plan at all last week but things are a bit quieter for now.

Sunday – the traditional roast lamb
Monday – curry from a jar with the leftovers
Tuesday – Chicken in butter, wine and thyme sauce but with spinach this time!
Wednesday – Sausage and mash
Thursday – Out for dinner
Friday – pig cheeks, probably this Nigel Slater recipe

Any thoughts, ideas and suggestions are welcome in the comments below!


Meal Planning 06/03/16

Man flu has hit our house this week so the Other Half has been feeling very sorry for himself although a hot toddy or two has helped with the blocked nose if not the temperature. It has already made the meal planning go off plan.

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Meal Planning 28/02/16

Another meal plan post as there was some great feedback and ideas on the last one

Today – Boeuf Bourguignon. I can’t believe I haven’t posted a recipe for this before so this will be coming soon – no Sunday roast today as the Other Half is working and won’t be home until later so this is an ideal thing to heat up for him, plus I saw some nice shin of beef when I went shopping

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Sausage Casserole

Day 4 of my current blogging101 course is to write for your ideal reader.  I’m a bit late starting this post as I’ve been trying to work out just who my ideal reader is. I discussed it with the Other Half and his answer was the truest so far ‘a girl a lot like you’. I’ve always said I write for myself and if anyone else enjoys it, that’s a bonus.  The more I thought about it, the more I realised he was right. I’m writing to a younger version of me, trying to get across that cooking is a lot simpler than people think so just crack on and have a go. Fortunately, the next post I had planned was ideal for this, a simple sausage casserole, the ultimate comfort food.

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How to keep the children happy

Occasionally I look after a friend’s children. I wouldn’t say they are fussy but I’m used to my small person who eats everything – except tuna and avocado but I can live with that.

After a long weekend (car stuff which I will write up soon) and a full day at work, tonight had to be quick, easy but filling. Enter sausages and tomato sauce with pasta. Even better enter my 10 year old commis chef. I didn’t dare let him near the mandolin but, with supervision, I let him prepare the tomato sauce. Very simple, oil in pan, add sliced onions, when softened add some wine and then the tomatoes. I often slip some syrup, honey or sugar into a tomato sauce but tonight was the bare basics. My mini chef certainly enjoyed helping and this is something I will continue to encourage. His favorite job so far has been rolling pasta, something we will repeat soon. The more he and his sister help, the more willing they are to try different flavours and dishes.



The meal was completed by boiling pasta and frying the sausages. Combine, sprinkle with cheese and enjoy. Normally I’d add more vegetables into the sauce but today was about getting a filling meal into them more than covert nutrition. I’ll save that for Friday when they come over next!